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History to our industry

About Rhinoflex

Established in 2004, RHINOFLEX has grown to be a well-known brand in the Mining and Mineral processing industries, Power generation, Cement and Steel Plants around the world, as well as the Water and Wastewater industries.
RHINOFLEX was well known company in the design and manufacturer and distributor of Pinch Valves and Duckbill check Valves. The company has now evolved to supplying Valve and Control solutions for arduous services in the mining and downstream processing sectors. Based in Western Australia, in the heart of the GOLDFIELDS regions, and with the support of a strong team of valve professionals and engineers worldwide, we can now offer a range of products to satisfy current demands. This includes Higher Pressure and Temperature requirements with standard and exotic materials of manufacture including a wide range of standard and exotic trims.
With our expertise and experience, we assure you of the right engineered solution to the most difficult applications and working conditions.
Thank you for visiting our site and look forward to working with you on your specific requirement.

Our Mission

To provide the end user with a high quality product and the lowest price we possibly can,so you will definitely be guaranteed with extremely attractive pricing.

Our Vision

With a strong commitment to application focused products, extremely high quality, friendly service, value for money, and prompt deliveries, we at Rhinoflex look forward to being of service.